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" of the best vocalists to be featured on Kings of A&R. I am now a loyal follower of Betsey's."
- Jaimie O'Neal

"Shes something special!"
- Michael Omartian (Producer)

"Betsey Long is an extremely talented singer/songwriter whose voice resembles a mix of Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Beyonce. It is truly a pleasure to work with such a gifted musician and singer."
- Jennifer Adan (Songwriter)

"A true pro!"
- Chuck Ainlay (Sound Stage Studios)

"The project came off without a hitch. We just built the production around Betsey's wonderfully unique and beautiful voice and her effective pop songwriting style."
- Brett Vargason (Zodlounge)

An entrancing voice capable of stratospheric melodic arcs, a quirky and vibrant personality and the dedicated focus of a serious songwriter: Meet Betsey Long, a pop chanteuse extraordinaire whose free-wheeling sense of adventure and vibrant energy signals the eminent arrival of a compelling new artist.

The Nashville native recently packed up and moved 2,000 miles to Los Angeles. “I have a physical feeling of change,” she says. “And an unshakable confidence in the universe.” Her assurance is backed with notable musical credentials: Betsey is a featured vocalist on Grammy winner Miranda Lambert’s single, “Fastest Girl In Town,” and “Here's Hope” performed by Jewel for the 2012 Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. Her co-write, “Don’t Come Home” performed by indie artist Holly Elle was was recently featured on the final episode of MTV’s The Real World San Diego and a pair of songs. “Aftertaste,” “Toy Box,” “Wake Up Next To You,” and “Jealousy” highlight the action on a recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Let Me Love You” is featured on The Real World Las Vegas, The Real L Word, and Lifetime’s remake of the classic film, Steel Magnolias. Two prominent industry websites, Kings of A&R and Hits Daily Double have touted her as an artist to watch, and she’s collaborating with a retinue of hit songwriters on new tracks.

From a grandfather who played with Roger Miller (King of the Road) to a mother who belts on the soul classics and a father who played with Aretha Franklin, Betsey grew up with music as her legacy. As an aspiring singer in Nashville, when Betsey needed songs to perform at her live shows, she began penning her own. Garnering credibility in the publishing capitol, Betsey came into the immediate sites of Music City producers and executives. Among her current co-writers are hit songwriter Jen Adan (Blake Shelton), songwriter and artist Stefani Ridel (Wild Orchid), Don Rollins (“It's Five O'Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson with Jimmy Buffett) and Stephanie Bentley (“Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride and “Breathe” by Faith Hill.)

Concurrent with her career writing for other artists, she was signed to a deal. While she is grateful for the experience of tracking her initial indie project, she notes that the musical vision was not exactly of her making. “I am grateful for the lessons,” she says, “but I always felt like I was a California girl at heart.”

Now propelled by modern grooves and peerless production, the sound of Betsey Long is sun-dappled and upbeat, effervescent pop songs with classic themes performed with chops, conviction and soul. The songs she saves for herself showcase themes that are singularly personal and undeniably universal.

While the term “star quality” might seem a bit of a Hollywood cliché, as applied to Betsey Long it seems an undeniable truth. Maybe it is a coincidence that she shares a birthday with Marilyn Monroe, but like the legendary diva, she is fearless, fabulous and ready for her close-up. Betsey Long moves into the spotlight. Let the music begin.






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